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  • Placing a nonrefundable deposit on a whole beef guarentees your order of a whole beef. 
  • Remaining payment will be due prior to you picking the beef up at the Shiloh, OH location. Address will be given out after deposit has been made.
  • Please note, this is for pickup only, we do not ship. 

Whole Beef

SKU: 03
  • A whole is typically 750lbs-820lbs.

    All meat is state inspected.

    When placing your order the cuts are 100% up to you! You can even choose the thickness of your steaks and roasts!  You will choose these cuts when you place your order with the butcher. The butcher will contact you when it is time for your steer to be cut. 


    Round Steaks
    Sirloin Steaks
    Porterhouse Steaks
    T-bone Steaks
    Rump Roast
    Sirloin-Tip Roast
    Stew/Kabob Meat
    Bone-In Shank
    Rib Steaks
    Blade Roasts
    Short Ribs
    Skirt Steaks
    Chuck Steaks
    Round Bottom Roasts
    Top Round Roast
    Ground Beef
    Soup Bones​

  • There is no refund or return for this product. 

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